Bluebird Gallery, Ruskin Museum, Coniston

Information Panels

Two double sided information panels for the Bluebird gallery at the Ruskin Museum, Coniston.
Each panel 78 inches high by 31.5 inches wide.

Bluebird Gallery


Book Illustrations

Highland Folk Tales

Here are a few of sixty one illustrations selected from over 100, largely done during the last three weeks. They were developed from small notebook sketches and either drawn out rapidly in brush & ink, or scanned directly from the notebooks, then converted into Illustrator and quickly finished off.

Highland Folk Tales. Author: Bob Pegg. Paperback: 192 pages.
Publisher: The History Press Ltd. (Release date: 1 April 2012)


The Tin Road: Review

Review in Northings.

NORTHINGS is devoted to the arts and culture in the Highlands & Islands of Scotland. The aims are to provide high-quality coverage of the arts, and to facilitate an on-line community dedicated to debate, discussion and nurturing the artistic health of the area.


Exhibition: The Tin Road

Moray Art Centre Exhibition

An exhibition in the Moray Arts Centre, Findhorn is running from Saturday 5th of March to Saturday 30th of April. This exhibition was cancelled in 2010 due to exceptionally bad weather preventing delivery of the work. The exhibition was planned out in a virtual gallery, based on the measurements of the Moray Arts Centre.